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Is the 1st Class Sleeper Train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai Ideal for Two People?

As one of the most scenic routes in Thailand, taking the train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai is an adventure in itself. Aside from being surrounded by lush greenery, the train ride also offers travelers a comfortable and relaxing experience. One of the options travelers can choose for their journey is the 1st class sleeper train. But the question is, can it sleep two people? In this blog post, we’ll delve deeper into this inquiry and help you determine if this option is perfect for you and your travel partner.

First things first, let us talk about the 1st class sleeper train’s accommodation. It provides private cabins that can accommodate two people, where the lower bunk is twice the size of the upper one. It means that the two passengers are sure to have ample space to rest and sleep comfortably throughout their trip. The best part is, the cabin has its air conditioning, power sockets, and storage space for your luggage, books, and other essentials. You can even fold down the upper bunk for more room during the day.

In addition to the privacy and comfort offered by the 1st class sleeper train cabin, it’s also worth mentioning that the train ride allows two companions to enjoy the scenic journey together. The amenities on the train are plentiful, and they can both indulge in meals, drinks, and snacks offered in the dining car. They can also explore the train’s different cabins and walk around to enjoy the view from different angles.

It’s also interesting to note that taking the 1st class sleeper train is an exciting and convenient choice of transportation as it eliminates the need to find two different accommodations in hotels or guest houses while on the way to Chiang Mai. Traveling with a companion makes the journey more special and unforgettable, so taking the train together in one cabin offers a unique and intimate travel experience.

On the other hand, if you’re traveling with acquaintances or strangers, sharing a cabin would be a different story. A cabin designed for two people might lack privacy and personal space for two strangers. It may also cause a disruption of activities and habits between the two parties, making the experience less enjoyable. Hence, if you’re not comfortable sharing a small space with someone you don’t know, you can opt to purchase a cabin for yourself or travel with someone you know.


In summary, taking the 1st class sleeper train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai is an excellent way to travel with a companion and enjoy the scenic views of Thailand. The private cabin for two people is well-equipped for comfort and provides ample space to sleep and rest. It is an affordable and convenient option to travel without the need to find separate accommodations and move around the country. However, if you’re traveling with strangers or acquaintances, sharing space might not be an ideal option. All in all, the 1st class sleeper train offers a unique travel experience and is perfect for couples or dedicated travel companions who want to experience Thailand together.